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Custom Gems Cutting Prices

Vivicgems, Inc. has a full service Cutting Factory in Bangkok, Thailand with cutters/craftsmen of 15 years of experiences and a few partnerships in the same area. We specialize in high quality commercial cutting (round, cushion and etc) , top cut, cabochon and fancy cuts.  If you have larger quantities or parcels to be cut and are looking for honest and reliable cutting services please email us for more information.

Our  custom cutting prices are categorized as follow:

Standard Cut Fancy Cut Top Cut Cabochon Cut

The price shows in each cutting category is based on finished weight and all uncut rough is returned with your order if requested.

Receipt of payment:
we required before shipping or delivery on all cutting labor orders. An estimated pre-payment is one method, the other is that we contact you when the order is finished and your shipment goes out as soon as we receive your check or wire transfer fund (click here for detail of wire transfer).

Information of delivery:
Contact us (via attached form below) prior to sending any stones- let us know the type, size, and number of stones you are interested in having faceted. This will help with scheduling considerations. after evaluating the rough for its faceting quality, shape, size and yield, I will notify the sender (by e-mail, usually), and proceed with the cutting only if this is acceptable by sender per term and condition** of cutting service.

**The package will be automatically covered for $250 under company policy unless other wise specified by the customer of the package value. Separate insurance can be acquired via carrier service (FedEx, UPS or USPS) to protect the unexpected lose or damage during transition.

Detail of cutting services


Contact Information


* Prices are subject to change at anytime, without notice.
   Please refer to policy page for service policies.

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